Dear all,

Tufts University has received funding from BHA (OFDA) to investigate how best to provide guidance on incorporating WASH strategies into National Cholera Control Plans. The goal is to collaboratively develop context-specific, evidence-based WASH guidance for the containment, control, and elimination of cholera that can be used to inform National Cholera Control Plan development.

As part of the project:

-  A review summarizing existing research has been completed, and,

-  We are convening a Working Group to help develop guidance for incorporating WASH into National Cholera Control Plans.

This Working Group is open to the wider community. Please find attached herein a 1-pager on this project for your review, including information on Working Group member commitments (including 6 phone calls). If you are interested in learning more about this project or being part of the Working Group, please email and

Please feel free to forward this information widely, and note we are particularly looking to include people affected by cholera and national government officials in this Working Group.  

We would like to have our first call by the end of the year, and look forward to working with you on this!

Thank you.

Marine & Daniele