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COVID-19 Hygiene Hub
COVID-19 Hygiene Hub
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This is the community discussion forum run in collaboration with for the COVID-19 Hygiene Hub. The hub is a free service to help actors in low- and middle-income countries rapidly share, design, and adapt evidence-based hygiene interventions to combat COVID-19.

All Members
Ayesha Chugh
Advisor, Global Services
Grant Coordinator-WASH
Karen Pillay
Director of Corporate Affairs and Resource Mobilisation
Debora Bonucci
WASH Adviser
Dan Campbell
Genevieve Kelly
General Manager, HappyTap Vietnam
Shivakumar Kandekar
Ph.D( Education)-Health and Hygiene Researcher
Ben Tidwell
WASH Research Lead - World Vision
Mamy Ramparany-WaterAid Madagascar
Behaviour Change Specialist - WaterAid Madagascar
Naim Ahamed
Hygiene Promotion Specialist; BRAC
Dr Om Prasad Gautam, PhD, MPH, MA
Behaviour Change Scientist and Public Health Expert, Senior WASH Manager - Hygiene for WaterAid UK
Jean Michel KABEYA
Information management Officer
Aliocha Salagnac
Global WASH Cluster
Ana Hoepfner
Marketing & Communications Strategist at CAWST
Foyeke Tolani
Public Health Promotion Adviser, Oxfam
Juliette Ravault
WASH Cluster Coordinator - Global WASH Cluster - Field Support Team
Janita Bartell
Hygiene Specialist at UNICEF HQ
Michael Gnilo
Sanitation and Hygiene Specialist - UNICEF
Tom Heath
ACF WASH Technical Advisor
Tal Woolsey
Senior Director, Global Services at CAWST
Lara Kontos
Erik Harvey
Programme Support Director - WaterAid